COBA – Dep. of Accounting & Finance



The Bachelor program provides students with a gateway towards future opportunities for professional and academic development. A Bachelor degree in Business Administration (Accounting and Finance) will provide students with numerous potential employment opportunities in various specialisms (e.g., book-keeping, accountancy, banking, investment, financial advising, general management and administration) and organizations (e.g., public, private, international and NGOs).


The program requires students to enroll in 21 University required credit hours which include general courses such as Arabic Language, English Communication Skills, Sociology, etc. After completing the University required credits, students will be required to enroll in 45 credit hours of College requirements (if Bachelor students) or 30 credit hours (if Diploma students) which features business related courses. Upon completion of the College requirements, students will be able to register for the remaining 57 credit hours (if Bachelor students) or 15 credit hours (if Diploma students) towards the Accounting and Finance Major. Students may complete the Bachelor program upon completion of the required 123 credit hours, which should occur after 8 academic semesters or may complete the Diploma program upon completion of the required 66 credit hours after 4 academic semesters.


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