College Of Business Administration


About College of Business Administration (COBA)

The College of Business Administration (COBA), A’Sharqiyah University (ASU) provides the intellectual foundation for students’ life- long learning and success. The College enrolls students extensively from the regional Omani population that supports both the economic and social progress of the society.The College of Business Administration., with emphasis on Oman and international diversity, utilizes traditional and technology-based pedagogies to create a positive teaching/learning environment.

In addition to a sustaining emphasis on quality teaching and learning through classroom research, student professional organizations, and advisory activity, the faculty of College of Business Administration contributes to business, professional, and civic affairs through public service and intellectual pursuits.

The College of Business Administration (COBA) respects cultural diversity and promotes humanitarian interactions between people.   At the same time, the COBA concerns itself with highlighting the history and culture of the Sultanate of Oman.


The College of Business Administration (COBA) commits to quality, accessibility, and value as guiding principles.


Students experience quality learning opportunities that are enhanced by faculty committed to effective teaching and expanding knowledge in their disciplines through research. The College provides quality facilities and access to technology currently used in the business world. Course offerings and course content are regularly reviewed to maintain currency. Student and faculty interaction with the business community further contributes to educational quality.

We are the college of opportunity in Oman, offering a wide variety of courses, programs, and degrees in support of our constituencies. We offer on campus degree programs and occasionally both evening and off-campus learning courses. Faculty are accessible on-campus and through electronic mail, faculty web sites, and the university computer network. Students have access to both full-time college advisors and faculty advisors.


The College is a gateway to knowledge, providing a foundation for lifelong learning. Awarding diplomas and bachelor degree is an important recognition of student accomplishment in the learning process. Value is added by faculty who demonstrate quality teaching, scholarly research, and service to their profession, the community, the region, and beyond. This linkage of scholarship, teaching and learning is our bond with students, the public, and the business community. Value to our constituencies is strengthened through a philosophy of responsiveness and accountability.

The vision of the distinguished founders of the University and the Administration and Staff of the College of Business Administration are committed to:

  • Propagate the latest body of knowledge of the highest international standard which provides life-long skills-set for our students and that promotes a fondness for learning.
  •  Promote academic excellence by continually developing academic programs and activities that promote the transference of knowledge that is original, practical, competitive, and promotes enlightenment.
  • Produce a body knowledge that is international in scope and based upon sound research and the highest of ethical standards.
  • Conduct research and consultations that meet the needs of the public and private businesses within the local communities that will empower and contribute to economic growth and social development.
  • Prepare students to join the labor market and/or postgraduate study programs that coincide with the changing economic and social requirements within the Sultanate of Oman, Arab region, and other parts of the world.
  • Obtain the distinction, by reputation, for the College of Business Administration to become a college which is based upon academic excellence, autonomy, and commitment to its principles, achievements, integrity, and devotion to its graduates.
  • Attract distinguished teaching and administrative staff who work, guide, mentor, and inspire students to the highest level of academic and life-long pursuit of happiness.
  • Strengthen relationships with the society at large with the propagation of knowledge, continuous learning programs, and training and to promote cultural and social activities.
  • Cooperate with local, regional, and international institutes of higher learning and with academic societies that will exchange experiences to enrich the body of knowledge, ideas of thought, and diverse cultures.
  • Aspire to achieve measurable core skill sets, for all COBA students, with a average or above average level of competency in:
    • Written Communication
    • Oral Communication
    • Teamwork and Leadership
    • Technical Competency
    • Ethical Decision Making
    • Critical Thinking