Dep.of Food Science & Human Nutrition


Food Science and Human Nutrition Program
The program is designed to offer students  a BSc in Food Science and Human Nutrition. However after completing two years students may obtain a Diploma in Food Science and Human Nutrition. The details of the program are given below

Mission Statement
The mission of the BSc  program in Food Science and Human Nutrition  is to prepare graduates for careers in food science and human nutrition and related fields by offering foundation knowledge and skills through quality education, research and service. The program will provide a curriculum leading to a bachelor of science upon completion. The graduate will have the requisite knowledge to pursue advanced educational opportunities and/or work in food and nutrition field.  The program has been designed to satisfy:

Most of the core competencies as suggested in the Educational Standards developed by the Institute of Food Technologists .For further information, visit

Some of the requirements of the American Dietetic Association’s Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE) based on the 2008 Foundation Knowledge and Competencies –Dietitian Education.  For further information, visit

Vision Statement

The Program will be valued and respected for preparing competent professionals for entry-level and beyond.

Program Goals

To provide students with an academic foundation in the liberal arts and sciences that will produce competent professionals in the food and nutrition fields.
To prepare students to assume leadership roles as successful professionals who engage in life-long learning.

Program Outcomes

The curriculum is designed to ensure that Food Science/Human Nutrition students have the following capabilities at the time of graduation:

  1. Scientific and Evidence Based Practice: an ability to integrate scientific information and research into practice.
  2. Professional Practice Expectations: an ability to demonstrate beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors for the food and nutrition professional’s level of practice.
  3. Clinical and Customer Service: an ability to develop and deliver food and nutrition information, products, and services to individuals, groups, populations, and industry.
  4. Practice Management and Use of Resources: an ability to strategically apply principles of management and systems in the provision of services to individuals, organizations, and industries.
  5. Support Knowledge: a knowledge of underlying basic physical and behavioral sciences to support  successful practice as a food and nutrition expert

Assessment of Program Objectives and Outcomes

Assessment and evaluation processes will be implemented that periodically document and demonstrate that the program objectives are being met and that graduating students attain the program outcomes. Assessment processes will utilize several instruments including course level as well as program level assessments. The program will be continually improved using the results of the assessment and evaluation processes.