COAS - Seminar

CAS Monthly Seminar Series (Year 2014-2015)
Month & Year
Title of Talk
Date & Time
November 2014 Dr. Loauy Labban Therapeutic Applications of Vitamin-D Supplementation on Type 2 Diabetes 20th November, 11:30-12:00
December 2014 Dr. Ishtiaq Mahmud Elevated serum uric acid levels (SUA) and its association with diabetes mellitus and related complications 18th December
11:30 – 12:00
January 2015 Exam Break and two week Break between Fall and Spring
February 2015 Dr. Falah Al-Ani Pathophysiology of edema formation: Management and prevention approaches To be displayed in the beginning of Spring 2015 semester
March 2015 Dr. Yahya Ismail Polymeric Artificial Muscles: Part 1 -Materials and Technologies.
April 2015 Dr. Mohamed Changez Bottom Up Approach to Design Cost Effective Materials for Nanotechnology Applications
May 2015 Dr. Muhammad Luqman Ionomers: Introduction and Applications with focus on Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites (IPMCs) as Biomimetic Smart Materials
June 2015- September 2015 Exam Break and Summer vacation
October 2015 Dr. Yahya Ismail Artificial Muscles: Part 2 – Sensing Artificial Muscles – From Bio mimetic properties to Brain – Machine Interfacing To be displayed in the beginning of Fall 2015 semester
November 2015 Dr. Vandita Singh To be added soon..
Target Audience: Staff Members & Students
Organizer: CAS Staff Development Committee
Members: Dr. Hakikulla Shah, Mr. Muhammad Sadat Ali, Dr. Mohamed Changez, Dr. Syed Shahid Ali, Ms. Shiekha Al-Sawafi
Committee Chair: Dr. Louay Labban