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College of Applied Sciences – Dean’s Profile

cas-deanProf. Nehad M. Tashtoush, a professor of Applied Physics, has been employed by A’Sharqiyah University in Oman since July 2016 to be the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences (CAS).  Previously, Prof. Tashtoush was the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies at Yarmouk University in Jordan (2013-2015) and the Vice Dean of the same Deanship for the period of (2011-2013). He is the Editor-in-chief of the Jordanian journal of physics (since Dec. 2014) which is an international journal supported by MOHE in Jordan and located at Yarmouk University.

Prof. Tashtoush started his academic career at Mu’tah University in Jordan as An Assistant professor of Applied Physics.  At Mu’tah University he was hired for many administrative positions such as: head of Physics Department (twice), Dean Assistant of the Faculty of Science, the General Registrar, and was a member and/or chair of many other committees and councils. He also served as an Associated Professor of Physics at King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia for two years.

He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Yarmouk University (1986), and his Master Degree in Experimental Solid State Physics from the University of Jordan (1992), and then he has a full scholarship from Mu’tah University to pursue his graduate studies for the Ph.D. He was earned the Ph.D degree in Applied Physics from Concordia University which located in Montreal in Canada (March 1997).

Prof. Tashtoush research interest was in Chemical Gas Sensors and Materials Science Applications. He has published about 20 scientific articles published in international journals and wrote one book in Quantum Mechanics (in Arabic). Moreover, he was a supervisor for many graduate students for the master degree in physics as well as being a member of many thesis defense committees.