College Of Applied Sciences


The College of Applied Sciences will provide a range of programs that will link teaching and research and will develop a generation of Omani graduates committed to entrepreneurship, innovation and scholarship, for the benefit for the  economic and social  benefit of society.

Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Food is central to life. It is eaten digested, absorbed, assimilated and excreted and provides us with calories which are metabolized to provide energy and essential nutrients required for all the functions of the body. We should not forget either the social function of food and its association with sharing and enjoyment.

The agri-food sector spans the entire food spectrum the so called “Farm to Fork” continuum. It is one of the most important industries globally in terms of providing employment. Food “issues” are constantly evolving and topical and range from debates on genetically modified food products; the global food supply chain; food contamination and food safety; food and nutrition; “healthy” versus so called “unhealthy” foods; food and diet; novel foods; chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes; food security and malnutrition. Studying Food Science and Human Nutrition at A’Sharqiyah University will provide you with a broad based education which will allow you to pursue a rewarding and interesting career across the rapidly developing food sector in Oman and beyond. You will gain a sound academic background in food science, microbiology, biochemistry and nutrition. A degree in food science and nutrition will place you at the “cutting edge” of new food product development in the food industry, nutrition advice to consumers, developments in nutrition education, and public health nutrition. Completion of an undergraduate degree will also allow you to progress to postgraduate training at MSc and PhD level at home and abroad.