ASU Self Review


ASU Self Review

As part of our internal quality assurance processes and for accreditation purposes, A’Sharqiyah University conducts in-depth University-wide self-study every 5 years.

A detailed study is overseen by the purposely formed Quality Audit Steering Committee (QASC).  The QASC, chaired by the Vice Chancellor with a constituent membership of senior managers, with delegated responsibility for coordinating self-study activities.  QASC has defined 8 areas which overarch all University activities.  A sub-committee for each of the 8 areas reviews and reports on performance measured against our strategic goals and objectives.

Quality Audit Steering Committee its sub-committees:


QASC follows a road map with key milestones and report back points.  For Stage 1 of the OAAA accreditation process (Quality Audit), the Committee collated the findings of its self-study into a Portfolio which was submitted to the OAAA for review.  The Portfolio is a valuable tool for the University to measure performance and learn about itself.  This is used to build on areas of strength and to identify opportunities for improvement and development.